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For more than 35 years, ABS-Ruefer has specialised in automated solutions for the development and production of special machinery designed for small and micro-workpieces.

We have contributed to shaping the development of numerical automation with programmable logic controllers (PLC), and the integration of control technology based on PCs and intuitive user HMIs. The increasing diversity of functions and tasks has been accompanied by the need for increased communication between the various components and integrated modules.

An additional boost to performances, all the way up to knowledge-based systems, requires new components and solutions, e.g. for data acquisition and use. The key factor here lies in interaction of the system components concerned. That is the basis of the concept of Industry 4.0.

In recent years, technological developments have enabled automation to become profitable for the production of small batches and for short production cycles too.

We offer solutions for your specific field of automation, from defining a solution to its execution, commissioning and maintenance.

Standard devices and automation modules

Semi-automated machinery and workbench solutions for various processes

Fully automated assembly and production lines

Special machinery for specific solutions

Automation level

The degree of automation required and relevant for feeding, sorting and handling small and micro-workpieces is highly dependent on the application concerned and the specific needs.

Hence for certain processes, it may be perfectly sensible to harness the respective strengths of human and machine. Even Industry 4.0 will not completely abandon human cognitive abilities. For this type of situation and semi-automated solutions, in the design of the installation the emphasis is placed on sensible collaboration between the two types of work operations and an effective safety concept.

In other situations, complete automation may prove relevant. In this case, the throughput, precision and reliability requirements are crucial in deciding on whether to employ, for example, axes systems or robots, as well as the right checking level.

Consequently, at ABS-Ruefer, we offer turnkey solutions perfectly in line with your needs, going from a simple manual workstation to a fully automated assembly and production line, and it will also be our pleasure to advise you.


You are seeking assembly, production and checking solutions for your products. We develop and create machinery and installations tailored to your needs, and integrate the corresponding process and modules:

Assembly technology:

  • Driving: riveting, swaging, embossing, press-fitting
  • Assembly: screwing, gluing
  • Welding: laser, resistance or ultrasound welding

Chips removal technology:

  • Shaping/machining: stamping, cutting, milling

Dosing technology:

  • Dosing: lubrication, greasing, gluing

Marking technology:

  • Identification: laser marking, inkjet printing, etching, labelling

Checking technology:

  • Checking: presence checking, orientation and positioning detection
  • 3D measurement, assembly checks, operating checks, electrical checks, sealing and flowrate checks, quality control by surface inspection, identification checking

Palletisation and packing:

  • Palletisation: holders, blister packs, pallets
  • Warehousing: vertical stacking of trays and/or holders, tube insertion
  • Packing: blister strips, cardboard boxes, KLT crates, plastic bags

Workpiece preparation and handling

Feeding solutions are an essential part of an extremely reliable automation solution. When handling small and micro-workpieces, precision, speed and reliability are crucial to ensure a perfect automation solution.

Image processing (vision)

High-resolution vision systems also detect very small workpieces via smart image processing. Depending on the requirements, robotic pick & place installations with up to six axes and highly integrated vision solutions ensure reliability of assembly and the treatment sequence in your industrial production chain.

Software and HMI

We achieve a high degree of user friendliness, through using modern and proven software solutions.

As integrators of feeding, loading and unloading, manufacturing/machining and checking solutions, we ensure that all the steps in the industrial process run smoothly, and transform the hardware and software interfaces into reliable junction points.

Robotics applications

In the fields of robotics and vision, for several years we have seen advances in performance and versatility, but also in compactness and availability. In order to better satisfy the needs of our customers, we combined our traditional know-how with new technologies.

As required, we integrate:

  • Axes positioning systems
  • Robotics
  • Handling/gripping technologies
  • Image processing technologies

and work together with you, renowned institutions and suppliers, to remain in step with current developments among both users and service providers.

Handling/gripping technologies

  • Gripping technology
  • Clamping technology

Image processing systems

  • Standard vision systems, e.g. smart cameras
  • Multi-camera solutions with vision controller running on external PC

Positioning systems

  • Electric axes / linear motors / robotics


  • Three to six-axis systems
  • Compact 4-axis SCARA robots
  • 6-axis poly-articulated robots
  • Highly dynamic Delta robots
  • Collaborative robots

Preferred suppliers and brands in the fields of vision/robotics

Laser applications

In industry, lasers are employed for various manufacturing processes, from shaping to cutting, assembly and coating, and even altering material properties. Laser technology makes for very quick, precise and highly flexible production processes in various applications, such as stripping, welding, marking, decoration, deburring, drilling and cutting.

At ABS-Ruefer AG, laser technology is not only an exciting topic, but has also become a reality. With our multi-disciplinary skills and highly specialised partner companies, we safely integrate laser sources into our fully automated machines.

With our support, you can develop and create new vision systems for your laser applications!

Practical applications with laser technology:

  • Wire and cable stripping
  • Laser marking on plastic, steel and aluminium components
  • Welding/soldering components and wires (brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, gold)
  • Decorating, deburring or cutting individual workpieces, or workpieces from a belt

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