With our standard product range, we cover all common applications in the fields of feeding, assembly and checking. For our special applications, we produce special conveyor and feed stations.

Standard products

We offer a wide range of standardised feed modules, assembly devices and automation modules. Our components can be integrated into your automation solution, to bring you a solution tailored to your requirements and your needs. Here are the corresponding product sheets:

  • Standard bowl feeders
  • Linear and circular feeders
  • Hopper systems and refilling devices
  • Vibrating base controls
Standardfördertöpfe, Linear- und Rundförderantriebe. Bunker- und Nachfüllvorrichtungen, Antriebssteuerungen

Conventional feeds (with or without camera vision system)

We can offer standard or specific solutions:

  • Special bowl feeders made in-house
  • Functional feed systems with mechanical sorting and separators

Loose small and micro-workpieces are sorted, positioned correctly and presented in sufficient quantity by means of the spiral vibration technique or image processing feed solutions.

  • Component size 0.10 to 50 mm
    • Very small round workpieces (turning/bar turning), from Ø0.10 mm,
    • Flat and folded ultra-thin plate metal components, thickness from 0.08 mm
    • Washers, balls, sockets, pins, O-rings, as well as tension and compression springs
  • Construction of feed systems using 3D CAD
    • Reproducible milled bowl feeders
    • Determination of mechanical interfaces using CAD data
  • Our assets at your service
    • Extremely low linear and circular vibrator bases
    • Polyamide bowl feeders for silent running and preventing workpiece wear
    • Multiple-track feed solutions
    • Centrifuges for high performance
    • Use of image processing for a wide range of workpieces
    • Highly flexible feed systems for complex components

Our feed solutions:

  • Complete systems with feeders (circular or linear)
  • Functional feed systems with mechanical sorting
  • Reproducible feed systems created and produced using 3D technology
  • CAD data simplifying interface definition
  • Reproducible milled bowl feeders
  • Multiple track feed systems
  • Linear or rotary separation unit
  • PLC for counting/positioning workpieces from loose

Feed modules (one-track)

conventional version for simple to complex-shaped workpieces

  • With/without sorting baffle
  • With/without sensor or camera
  • With/without separation system

Suitable for all types of flat and round 3D complex-geometry workpieces (plastic injection moulded workpieces or stamped/folded workpieces, etc.)

  • Nuts, screws
  • Stamped, folded workpieces
  • Turned workpieces, pins, sockets
  • Washers, rings, O-rings
  • Balls, stones, diamonds

Feed modules (multi-track)

special version for simple to medium-complex shaped workpieces

  • With/without sorting baffle
  • With/without sensor or camera
  • With/without separation system
  • Special version with option of 2 to 10 tracks
  • Throughput up to 10 workpieces/s, or up to 600 pcs/min

Feed modules

for stamped workpieces, folded workpieces and springs

Suitable for untangling, sorting and feeding workpieces of various geometries with large openings prone to becoming entangled

  • Tension/compression springs
  • Stamped conical springs
  • Complex stamped workpieces
  • Folded workpieces

Flexible smart feed systems with cameras

For the most demanding feed functions, we are able to extend the conventional solution by integrating sensors, linear scanning cameras and/or image processing systems.

  • Feeding, checking, counting and separation, including of loose components, which cannot be accumulated and mechanical sorting of which is impossible or very costly. Image processing records the differentiating characteristics in terms of component orientation, with a distinctive 0.05 mm mark. The various components then undergo computer-assisted sorting without accumulation in a cascade separation system.

“Piece by piece” feed module

Feed with precise positioning, checking, sorting and separation of small and micro-workpieces. A flexible solution suited to various workpieces (including turnover function, image processing system and control module).

  • Toothed wheels and flat pinions (individual workpieces or pre-fitted with shaft)
  • Rings and flat O-rings
  • Washers and other flat bar-turned or cut/stamped workpieces

Flexible feed module

for pins, sockets and other workpieces for turning/bar-turning

Compatible with D 0.50 to D 6.00 mm cylindrical workpieces (including linear scanning camera and control module)

  • Range of workpieces: Total length: 5 to 30 mm
  • Height/width (diameter): 0.50 to 6.00 mm

Flexible feed solutions (with camera/vision)

For the most demanding feed functions, we are able to extend the conventional solution by integrating sensors and/or camera systems with image processing.

Loose components are continuously moved, turned over and redistributed in intermittent mode via the controlled impulses of a vibrating plate. The constantly changing orientation of the components is recorded by means of image processing, and then checked to ensure correct positioning and pick-up by means of an appropriate gripping system.

  • Innovative, highly flexible feed technology
  • Great variety of workpieces
  • Quick product/tooling changeover time
  • Workpieces protected and isolated during distribution
  • Replaces several conventional feed systems

Need fully integrated functional modules?

For very small, medium-sized and large workpieces, we have the following tailored feed solutions:

We have all the skills required:

  • Complete integration
  • Feed and image processing modules
  • Handling and gripping systems (with axes and robots)

Our preferred systems for integration are Flexfeeder, by Flexfactory and Asyril:

Standard devices and modules

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