Marking technologies

Very often marking is associated and combined with various other industrial processes such as manufacturing, assembly, checking and packing.

Marking, labelling and laser etching systems can reliably, continuously and reproducibly identify your individual semi-finished components and your finished products:

  • for greater product protection (e.g. protection against counterfeiting)
  • for reliable product identification and traceability
  • for better quality assurance of your industrialised processes

Our marking applications:

  • Automation of autonomous laser etching cells.
  • Pad printing as a workbench solution and automatic working module.
  • High-performance inkjet marking devices built into our special machinery.
  • Quality laser etching source securely built into our fully automatic production lines.
  • Flat labelling on blister strips or plastic bags.
  • Inkjet marking on metal or plastic parts.
  • 3D laser etching on various height levels or on cylindrical surfaces (with/without automated rotation movement).
  • We have already dealt with various materials, various plastics, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, with/without coating.

It will be our pleasure to put your seal on your high-quality products!

Markierung- Etikettierung- und Laserbeschriftungs-Systeme von ABS Ruefer AG

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