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For more than 35 years, ABS-Ruefer AG has been designing comprehensive tailored solutions in the field of special machinery. Thanks to our wealth of experience, continuous integration of cutting-edge technologies and our technical creativity supported by the highest quality criteria, we produce innovative and reliable comprehensive solutions, including for your most complex applications.

We ensure reliable execution of your automation projects, from idea to delivery, and also remain at your side as a partner. Of course, we also offer components and individual installation modules for integration in your own automation projects, e.g. feed systems, assembly devices or other automated checking and marking systems.

We are particularly proud of numerous long-standing partnerships with our customers, both in Switzerland and abroad, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to contribute in the near future to your success too.

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ABS Ruefer AG - 35 Jahre Know how since 1984

We also have a perfect knowledge of your business sector.

Our special machinery is supplied to the following sectors, among others:

  • Watchmaking
  • Automotive

  • Electronics
  • Medical technology
  • Precision mechanics

  • Consumer goods

At ABS-Ruefer, producing special machinery goes well beyond mere contractual services.

As specialists in small and micro-workpieces, we have a passion for:

  • automation
  • innovation
  • precision

going back more than 35 years.

We provide comprehensive solutions in the field of special machinery, from defining the idea to integration into your process line. We take your challenges seriously, and our satisfaction is based on your satisfaction with the end result.

Here are some examples from the more than 950 installations that we have carried out to date: 

Access special machinery

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Be- und Entladesysteme von ABS Ruefer AG

Whether for a retrofit or first-time installation: loading and unloading systems often determine the speed of the assembly and production process. On the one hand, maximum precision is required, e.g. for picking & placing very small workpieces; and on the other hand, the workpieces must be conveyed reliably over relatively long distances.

Automation of existing installations

We also automate your existing production installations, and integrate loading and unloading stations in the following equipment:

  • Presses, punches, stamping machines
  • Machining centres (CNC turning, grinding and milling centres)
  • Plastic injection moulding machines
  • Laser installations
  • Others

It is our pleasure to remain at your disposal to provide advice during the execution of your projects.

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We have a tradition of robust and extremely precise assembly applications. For 35 years, we have performed complex assembly tasks meeting very high quality requirements. We have completed thousands of standardised and highly integrated work modules for mechanical assembly and fitting processes, particularly in the fields of driving, swaging, riveting and screwing.

We have also acquired great experience and executed numerous projects in other assembly applications using material joints, especially in the fields of ultrasound, resistance or laser welding, brazing and gluing.

With all the necessary technical skills at our disposal, as well as all the operating equipment, we have the ability to design, manufacture, assemble, test and commission complete functional assembly systems within extremely short time frames.

Our special machinery can feed, handle and assemble workpieces, while maintaining clean surface conditions and ensuring a flawless visual appearance – a genuine art form.

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Sondermaschinen Rundtischloesung von ABS Ruefer AG

Checking and measurements

integrierte Pruefsysteme von ABS Ruefer AG

You and your end customers expect irreproachable delivered quality, incident-free production, as well as perfectly documented and reproducible quality of manufacture.

Whether in the form of on-line checks, automatic inspections or quality assurance, a modern production line cannot do without integrated checking.

Although, in each manufacturing operation, the main priority consists in preventing errors, we are systematically working with increasingly tight checking tolerances in a real environment, where errors are certainly rare, and indeed are tending to be completely ruled out. To ensure optimum quality of delivery, a final inspection is just what the field of micro-technology requires, which is mostly optical.

Similarly, in the optimisation of adaptive system automatic processes, integrated checking systems are playing an ever more important role.

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Product identification and traceability are features of modern industrialisation. With increasingly stringent quality requirements, the marking of your components and products in the automation chain has become an essential part of the manufacturing process.

Traceability codes

  • Alphanumeric characters and serial numbers
  • 1D barcodes, QR codes and 2D DataMatrix codes
  • Corporate logos, etc.

Traceability codes, which can be read with barcode readers or integrated vision systems, can also be used to automatically call up various machine parameters and collect process data. Use marking as an additional tool on the way to Industry 4.0!

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Beschriftung Ihrer Komponenten und Produkte in der Automatisierungskette


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