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At ABS-Ruefer AG, the “all-in-one” concept is much more than a slogan. We take this aspect very seriously.

We make every effort to offer comprehensive and long-lasting solutions for your current and future requirements. If you wish, we will support you from the initial phase of your projects, to analyse the feasibility problems and identify solutions.

Products and production receive a boost from new technologies in the form of faster-paced design of technical systems.
Machines are becoming ever “smarter”, bringing significant progress in terms of functionality, reliability and efficiency. A host of new possibilities are opening up. This means that maximum automation, though not mandatory, can optimise the profitability of each and every application. At ABS-Ruefer AG, we can distinguish innovation from illusion.

To ensure appropriate and efficient use of innovative systems in all their complexity, it is wise to adopt a methodical approach from the concept and design phase. Through an intensive clarification effort and competent planning, it is possible to reduce costs and lead times in the execution phase, to prevent subsequent corrections.

Handling your challenges is an integral part of our day-to-day activities:

Marco Cozza

Roberto Cozza
Work Prep./Purchasing Manager

Stojanka Jovanov

Thomas Schreier
Product Lines Manager

Goeksel Daniskan
Engineering Manager

Feasibility study & analysis

It will be our pleasure to analyse your issue, and provide competent advice.

Already have a specific idea of how to implement your industrialisation or integration processes for individual work steps, but don’t know whether it is possible in terms of your expectations, or the associated cost and workload?

On the strength of our experience, we can rapidly evaluate the technical and economic feasibility. Please feel free to consult us. We also have experience in non-conventional complex solutions. We know what is feasible, and where the potential difficulties and cost factors lie. This way, you will avoid any surprises.

Production launch

About to launch production of new products or modified derived products, or facing a big increase in demand for individual products? The start or extension of production goes well beyond adjusting workpiece volumes. In the production phase, manual processes are for the most part replaced by partially or fully automated manufacturing steps. In this respect, the relevant degree of automation depends, among other things, on the quantity to produce, the throughput, consistency and continuity of the production volume, as well as the expected service life of the product. Let us present the various possible solutions, and estimate with you the profitability of your investment in relation to the various limiting conditions.

Automation technology

With us, you and your project team will enjoy tailored support.

There may be numerous reasons behind the desire to automate repetitive jobs carried out by your production personnel. In this respect, profitability is practically always one of them. In particular for products at an advanced stage of their life cycle, there is very often no other choice. In the long term certain manual operations also become arduous for the operators.

Whether automation is motivated among other things by upscaling or diversification, the question of implementation always arises. What level of precision, what speed and what flexibility are required? We review these questions and many others with you, before deciding on a concept and selecting the main components to be integrated and/or modules to be developed.

Modularity & flexibility

Smaller batches and shorter product cycles require more flexible and more adaptable manufacturing lines. Greater flexibility is achieved through a modular approach, with a communication structure meticulously designed in advance. The essential condition is the application of industrial standards and corresponding interfaces. Possible replacement of process modules enables new product variants and rapid execution of new processes at lower cost.

In designing your manufacturing process, we adopt a long-term outlook, and in this design phase we bear in mind the need to preserve your modularity with a view to the future.

Integration into the existing environment

Also within the framework of Industry 4.0, the growing complexity of many products and the objective of creating smart production lines may require a retrofit or extension of existing production lines.

We will be happy to oversee the transformation or extension of your solutions in place, and examine the technical and economic aspects that will tip the balance in favour of an extension or creating new equipment.

After-sales service

As special machinery professionals, we attach great importance to our after-sales service.

Efficient internal coordination, clear administrative and servicing processes of the machinery, as well as short communication and decision-making circuits, enable us to provide our partners and customers with a quick and professional service.

After delivery, as the general contractor, we handle on-site installation and integration.

  • Once our contract service has been completed, we of course offer the following additional services:
  • Installation documents tailored to users’ requirements
  • Technical training of your personnel
  • Commissioning all machinery, installations and special devices
  • Efficient maintenance servicing
  • Rapid troubleshooting
  • Rapid delivery of spare parts

Our After-Sales Service can be contacted at any time during normal working hours.

Tel.: +41 32 628 29 29 or e-mail: service@abs-ruefer.ch

Your contacts

Marco Cozza

languages: French, Italian, German, English

At ABS-Ruefer AG, the “all-in-one” concept is much more than a slogan. We take this aspect very seriously. We make every effort to offer comprehensive and long-lasting solutions for your current and future requirements. The concepts of partnership and fairness are important to us! We work alongside you, if you so wish, from the problems and procedures analysis stage, as well as subsequently in defining the solution. Regarding concept development, we place our experience at your disposal, and plan the implementation with you.

Roberto Cozza
Work Prep./Purchasing Manager

languages: French, Italian, Spanish

Our automation solutions are planned and executed by real people for other real people. Thanks to us, and with our support, you will have an ergonomically easier, technically simplified, friendly and multicultural working environment. We are highly honoured to provide day-to-day support to long-standing customers, as well as world-renowned brands, with enthusiasm and passion.

Stojanka Jovanov

languages: German, Italian, Croatian

Together, we are stronger. Because technology on its own does not do it all, we all have to step up. We are proud of, supportive of and motivated for our colleagues, partners and loyal customers. I believe it is important to get on well with colleagues, and be prepared to help each other out in our work. I am proud to be part of this team.

Thomas Schreier
Products Line Manager

languages: German

Complex automation solutions require highly motivated, competent and committed teams, as well as reliable partners. Our defining characteristics are: the interests of the business, and a spirit of enterprise. We treat our customers and partners as equals.

Goeksel Daniskan
Engineering Manager

languages: German

We are at your side competently, creatively and reliably. You can count thereby on the extensive experience, as well as on the innovation and cooperation ability of ABS-Ruefer AG. As practitioners we speak your language and are able to understand your expectations and anticipate your needs. With intelligent, efficient and high quality systems our primary goal is to enable you to achieve the best production results. Considering the short product life cycles as well as the trend towards product customisation, we follow the approach of high flexibility, optimised production and set-up times, and so economic efficiency down to batch size 1. Challenge us and let us together always be one step ahead.

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