About our business

ABS-Ruefer AG is an independent Swiss business dating back to 1984.

In its current structure, the company is the result of the merger in 2010 of two partners:

  • ABS Sondermaschinenbau AG (founded in 1989)
  • Ruefer Maschinenbau AG (founded in 1984)

Having worked in the business since 2008, Marco Cozza became the new manager in 2013.

Based in Bettlach in the canton of Soleure, the highly qualified and motivated personnel of ABS-Ruefer AG now operate in the following departments:

  • Research & development
  • Software set-up & programming
  • Production & logistics
  • Marketing & sales
  • Administration


Our philosophy

Our business, traditionally independent, can trace its roots back to the regional watchmaking and micro-technology industries. Hence we know the true value of trust and partnerships. That is why we attach importance to our relationships with our customers, our business partners and employees.

As a living organisation, we need steadfastness as much as progress, and stability as much as dynamism. We rely on our solid experience, remain alert to new developments and invest in continuous professional development. We conduct a measured diversification policy, and are constantly developing in line with our capacities and our environment. In our thinking and our action we are looking at the long term, and are part of a sustainable development approach.

Automation is our core business, and our full attention is focused on the players concerned.

Our corporate values

Our guiding principles represent the foundations of our corporate culture.

We have a people-focused approach

Our relationships with others are based on consideration, open-mindedness and respect. We think and act as a team member. We form a united community aimed at a common objective. We draw inspiration from valuing people and working in a shared passion. Our relationships employees, partners and customers bear the hallmarks of respect and courtesy.


We show loyalty, esteem and respect for each other. The wellbeing of all employees is important to us. Together, we want to learn, flourish and constantly continue our development. Suggestions and constructive criticisms are welcome. We offer our business partners collaboration based on trust and fairness. We aim to have employees, partners and customers choose us out of conviction.


We can offer our customers an excellent standard of work. Satisfaction of all our customers is our priority objective. Along with our employees, we practice continuous development.


Without positive economic results, the business cannot achieve its long-term objectives. Together, we all bear day-to-day responsibility for the success of our business.