Checking and measurement technologies

Thanks to our long-standing experience in the industrial field, we understand your needs. We resolve your checking tasks with our technological expertise and an appropriate level of smart technology. From installing standard sensors for conventional measurement tasks to integrating smart industrial imaging solutions for complex checking applications, we ensure that your inspection and assembly tasks are performed reliably.

Our practical experience in checking applications:

  • Presence plus analysis values
    • Workpiece presence
    • Presence of grease, oil or glue, and quantity indications
  • Detection of orientation and positioning
    • Dynamic sorting in feed systems
    • Radial orientation and corrective adjustment during pick & place process
    • Detection of static or dynamic position on fixtures or holders, for on-line production checking
  • Dimension measurements (diameter, height, depth, width)
    • with probes
    • with confocal and laser contactless sensor systems
    • with smart optical image processing system
  • Assembly checks
    • Torque and holding force check, with force/tension sensors
    • Assembly with force monitoring by means of a compression force sensor
    • Assembly with force monitoring by means of a displacement measuring sensor
    • Operating, electrical, sealing and flowrate checks
  • Quality control (surfaces inspection)
    • Detection/measurement of colours, stains, scratches and/or other damage
  • Identification check
    • Barcode (1D codes), QR codes and DataMatrix codes (2D codes)

Do not hesitate to call on us! Swiss quality is not down to chance, but results from an approach aimed at overcoming your quality problems without compromise, and at constant improvement.

Einbau von Standard-Sensoren für klassische Messaufgaben bis zur Integrierung von intelligenten industriellen Bildverarbeitungslösungen für komplexe Prüfanwendungen

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