Assembly technologies

Some essential aspects of assembly at ABS-Ruefer AG:

The micron is the standard unit of precision within our business. Consequently, we frequently use force and stroke monitoring systems to ensure the reliability of the assembly processes employed.

Highly integrated automation solutions require user-friendly and intuitive interfaces.
Via integrated management of users with different access levels, and a password-protected logging function, we provide complete access to the configuration of your assembly processes. All of the machinery’s critical parameters and process data can be saved to a CSV file (spreadsheet file compatible with MS-Excel), or be stored directly on your network.

Depending on your annual production volume, we can suggest the right degree of automation, ranging from a single semi-automated workstation to a fully automated production and assembly line, equipped with individual or multi-position nest-type fixtures.

Our practical experience in assembly:

  • Very small round workpieces (turning/bar turning), from Ø 0.10 mm
  • Flat and folded ultra-thin plate metal components, thickness from 0.08 mm
  • Washers, balls, sockets, pins, O-rings, as well as tension and compression springs
  • Reliable assembly, with mechanical forces of 2 N to 60 KN
  • Precision assembly application, with positioning precision +/-2 µm
  • Installation of high-performance assemblies, working at throughputs of 1 to 60 pcs/min
  • Installation of highly flexible assemblies, with up to 60 product combinations
  • Multiple material combinations, i.e. aluminium, brass, copper, other plastics and steel, hardened metal, stainless steel, titanium and gold.

Do not hesitate to ask us! Your ambitious challenges are what drives us, day in day out.


Hochintegrierte Automationslösungen von ABS Ruefer AG

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